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    Contributing to The GNU-Darwin Distribution

    Dr. Michael L. Love
    updated Wed Dec 19 18:02:32 EST 2001

    Free software is a new concept for many users, so we have created this page to provide some education regarding the ethic of software freedom. People often receive such great benefits from free software that they would like to contribute something back, so that others can benefit as they have. There are several ways that GNU-Darwinists can help the Distribution:

    1. Become a GNU-Darwin Developer

      If you have ported free software to Darwin, then use the ports system to make a package. If you make a novel, unique, or significant source code contribution, then we will add you as developer, release your package, and give you CVS access so that you can upload the source code to the project. Other significant contributions, such as documentation are also considered. Join the SourceForge, then send us your user name and what you want to contribute. If you would like to put your documentation on line immediately, then you can submit it to the documentation tracker.

    2. Report a bug

      We like criticism! Please post all constructive suggestions to one of the on-line forums, such as the support or feature request channel, the bug tracker, one of the web forums or email lists.

    3. Tell us what's news!

      Most of us are not Darwin committers, and like everyone, we could use a clue now and then ;-}. Please feel free to post news items to our news tracker or any of the on line forums. If you are excited about what we are doing, then you should submit a story to any site on our press page and anywhere else you can think of.

    4. Donate hardware

      Intelligent hardware contributions, such as new computers, RAM, useful hard drives, DVDR* and CDR* packs are certainly welcome, and they will also help the Distribution to accellerate our development efforts. We will also consider bringing GNU-Darwin to new platforms on a case-by-case basis. That might include porting the port system, the package manager, or even Darwin itself. If you would like to make a hardware donation, email us

    5. Support The Darwin Collection (TDC)

      GNU-Darwin benefits greatly from TDC development, for example; Our package manager and x86 development engine are based in part on tools that were originally developed for TDC. Purchasing TDC CDs is a good way to help, and nearly all of the TDC packages are compatible with GNU-Darwin-ppc and Mac OSX.

    6. Make a financial contribution

      These contributions will be used to build the infrastructure, such as hardware and internet access, that is required to support the Distribution. We have set a base donation of $20 for individual users.
      Make a cash donation to GNU-Darwin:
      (Dillo doesn't support https yet, but links and lynx-ssl do!)

      If you would like to donate another amount, or make an enterprise level contribution, then please feel free to contact us or click here.

    7. Fun stuff

      If you make cool GNU-Darwin stuff, like T-shirts or mousepads, then please let us know, especially if you plan to give some of your proceeds back to the Distribution. In addition, fun gifts such as Think Geek gift certificates would certainly raise our spirits and help to move things along as well. ;-}

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    If you have any other ideas about how people can help our community, or any other questions, then please email us.