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    New in CVS

  • The Source will be with you always!

    NetBSD pkgsrc for GNU-Darwin

      In order to further accelerate the development and refinement of our existing package collection, we have brought NetBSD pkgsrc and other tools to GNU-Darwin. The NetBSD team has already made their system compatible with a wide variety of architectures, including GNU/Linux, SunOS, and Darwin. We have enhanced the system for interoperability with our existing ports and package tools, so that the two systems can co-exist. As a result, improvements which derive from NetBSD can be rapidly deployed to our users using their existing package system.

      Together these advancements demonstrate our ability to deploy on a wide range of platforms, and it forms the basis for a software distribution system that is flexible, transparent, and largely platform independent, so that more people can be conveniently introduced to the benefits of software freedom.

    Dynamic library support

      If you are a project maintainer, who would like to see your project build dynamically with the ports system, Check these notes.

    Python/Tkinter/Megawidgits/Mesa3D updates

    Distfiles in CVS

      You can now checkout most of the current distfiles from CVS. The web link will bring any browser to a crawl. Instead, "cd /usr, and use the CVS directions to checkout ports/distfiles.

    GNU-Darwin-x86 for Intel users

    GNU-Darwin Beta sources: Plus a new Fortran distro!

      The new pkg_install version and ancillary sources are the first addition to our new BSD-style src tree. There is also a source tarball on the file server.

      We have added a new Fortran distro to the ports tree. Based on the excellent Fortran tools that are freely available in the ports system, GNU-Darwin Fortran is the best f2c-based system that is available for Darwin-based operating systems at this time. We used it to build Raster3D, which has also been added to the ports tree. Raster3D should build automatically in the worksrc directory. Many thanks to the excellent Darwin compiler team at core OS, that makes this kind of innovation possible. You guys are on our radar! Here are the packages, for the impatient ;-}.

    Ports for Tru64 UNIX $HOME

      It is perhaps a little known fact that a large percentage of our users are also regular users of various other Unix operating systems. In many cases, such users do not have administrative access to the machines that they are using, so we are now offering a special ports tarball for Tru64 UNIX users to address their need. This version of the GNU-Darwin porting engine does not require root access. Using this software, users will be able to run the porting engine in their home directories, so that they can use the same great free software that GNU-Darwin offers to Mac OSX users. This special edition of the porting engine is not fully automated yet, but you can untar it in your home directory and try it. The essential tools are also in CVS. Directions for the GNU/Linux version will be helpful in setting it up, as will these tips.

    Ports tarball update

    Sourceforge announces Mac OSX compile farm

    GNUPG encryption

      Developer Opportunity: MacSlash has thread about PGP on OSX, but it is looking more like a wishlist. Check it out.

    LAM/MPI update

      Use the -npty flag with lamexec and mpirun to avoid a crash on the remote nodes. Thanks to Ricardo Fonseca of GoLP for this great tip!

    Parallel Computing!

    Printing utilities!

      A number of turnkey ports have been updated in ports/print including html2latex, libwww, tex, latex, teTeX, gv, and ghostscript6.

    Computer language and development packages!

    Celebrate and Indulge!


      Eureka, at last! Tkinter adds Python bindings to the Tk widget set, and it should be a boon to graphics and imaging. Get the package here. Tkinter required a modification to /usr/ports/Mk/ which should facilitate the building of many other python-related ports. Now, I'm going to build PyMOL!

    Ncurses and Nethack3

      This could be a prime Cocoa demo project.

    Package Manager

    Ports tree status

    The GNU-Darwin Porting Engine

    Tools Not Toys!

    GNU-Darwin LibC!

      A work in process. Some important functions appear to be working now, such as localtime_r() and drand48(). It includes yp, locale, rpc, regex, db, compat, gmon, quad, sys, string, nls, stdlib, stdtime, net, and gen. Warning, this library is incomplete, and I'm sure that most of the already existing library functions are already superior for Darwin, but this library will be indispensible for all of those missing functions. GlibC anyone?

    libggi and libgii

      Key add-ons for Mesa3.4. They compiled fairly easily, but they are untested, and unintegrated with Mesa at this time.

    GNU Ghostscript

      There is a small problem with X rects. I commented the lines, but GS is now partly broken.


      It still needs much work, but we have worked though nsprpub and xpcom/build. Let's get it going before year 2001!


      A graphical transfer client, like FETCH, but much better. gFTP can use secure shell to copy files from one machine to another.


      FTP through secure shell. This is sometimes required for the SSH transfers under gFTP.
  • GTK Developers tools in CVS

    These still need some work.


      A widget builder.


      Another widget builder.


      Another widget builder.


      If you are interested in these tools you should also take a look at GDE.